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zebo studio portfolio 2016




  Zebo began early. At age six, Zebo painted her first mural, Winnie the Pooh, on her bedroom wall. Saturday morning art classes immediately ensued! By age eleven, Zebo went pro, painting her first commissioned mural.The rest they say, is "art" history. Today Zebo ommissions murals and portraits from NYC to Key West.

  She is now represented by Marcia Wernick of Wernick & Pratt Literary Agency and her first picture book MOUSE, acquired by Jennifer Besser at G.P.Putnam & Sons, debuts Spring 2017.

  Zebo happily resides in not so sunny Florida with her always sunny husband Sam and their two Jack Russell "terrorists" Bean and 3 legged Mouse.

To read more about Zebo clck on the books and blogs below.

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